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Steve Good

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With 50 years experienced as a hands on entrepreneur  across a range of business activities and charities, Steve has considerable experience at Director/CEO/Board level and also acting as a dynamic leader for change in company rescue scenarios and start-ups. His special focus is on Environment enhancing evolving technologies. 

Steve Good continues to provide business advice at board level (Non Executive Director) and hopes to continue to do so for many years. Today Steve is particularly interested in aiding sustainable growth and job creation in both the commercial and third sector where he is available for Non-Executive / Advisory roles.

Ongoing Commercial Interests include as Founder of Good For Business  Group  including :


Working  as a business consultant to some amazing new high-tech building and development companies specialising in offsite and onsite factory built modular homes by. for example:
Manufacturing Industries
Ilke Homes 
Plus the award winning Vertogen Wind Turbines 

Like many other sustainable homes, mi-pad  has a lot of clever environmentally friendly – and cost-efficient – features. It can generate its own energy, it can collect and treat water, it can recondition the air inside and it’s even made from recyclable materials. But it’s also round, for many reasons. There is also a full range of other rectangular designs too

With the patent of mi-technology it allows us to develop square or rectangular and floating structures too.

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