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One of my larger waterside property developments includes Buckden Marina and Leisure Club on the Gt. Ouse in Huntingdonshire. It was here my business partner and I evolved the famous "Watermark" brand which today has evolved to a super Cotswold venue

Agt the age of 19, following my previous business successes as a part time 'Teenage' entrepreneur Market Trader, I was happily in a financial position where I also owned and operated 12 revolutionary "propane powered" (my design and concept) Holiday Hire Canal Boats which throughout the 1970's I operated from the Cassio Bridge wharf as "Goodwill Cruisers Ltd.". 

It was at this location I subsequently, constructed the Cassio Bridge Marina basin that I had battled for 7 years to gain planning consent for and built out through the late 70's and very early 80's, prior to  selling out to Mike and Lindsey Foster of Bridgewater Boats.

The facility is still very active today and is now known as the "Brdgewater Basin"  but in my heart it is still  Cassio Bridge, Watford. 

Above the former Cassio Bridge Timber Wharf.   Then . . . Cassio Bridge Marina. Today . . . . The Bridgewater Basin

To this day I have considerable interest in all types of property development but especially in Green developments.

Until recently I was Non-Exec Board Member at the Cottsway Housing Association, with some 6,000+ properites.

I act as a Consult Adviser to various companies and individuals who are keen to tap into my wide experience.

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